Terms & Conditions

  • All Surfboard accessories including leg ropes, fins and board bags must be removed prior to repair. This is the sole responsibility of the surfboard owner.
  • Only repair work marked on the repair agreement will be done. If the repair is under quoted, you will be contacted by management prior to any additional expenses being accrued.
  • The repair agreement number on waiver you receive from staff upon handing in your board must be quoted if enquiring about a repair job or picking up a completed repair.
  • 30 day warranty on all repairs. If you are not happy, please speak to us as soon as possible.
  • All repairs are to be paid for on pickup, strictly no pre-payment.
  • Please note that repairs are undertaken on a contractual basis by contracted professional repairers representing Melbourne Surfboard Repairs. Repairs are not done by Melbourne Surf Board Shop or any of its retail staff.