Melbourne Surfboard Repairs have been repairing surfboards in Melbourne for 20 years. We pride ourselves on achieving the best results in the quickest possible time. See below for some examples of our past work and as well as some short explanations on how and why we repair boards in a variety of ways.

Nose Repair


Delamination & Colour Match

Tail Repair

Board Snaps

Colour Matching/Colour Pigment Fill

Pigment fill is usually recommended for coloured board repairs. A matched pigment is We have extensive experience in colour matching boards. Wherever possible we add a resin-tint or pigment to the resin to achieve the desired colour. Pigment fill is usually recommended for coloured board repairs. A colour-matched pigment is used on the repaired area to closely match the original colour. This method ensures that if you resell or trade your board in, there are not going to be any nasty surprises hiding under coats of paint. With clear boards we can use this method too, however, as a board ages and yellows it becomes a more difficult and time-consuming process. In these cases, we tend to go by the motto “show your scars”. Please note that colour matching often takes a little longer and some colours – particularly bright fluorescent colours can be more difficult to match.

Pigment colour matching and repair of the surfboard nose area at Melbourne Surfboard Repairs.

PU vs Epoxy Repairs

We offer repairs for all PU (Polyurethane)and epoxy resin boards as well as repairs for composite board constructions such as Tuflite, boards with carbon rails or inlays. We have worked extensivly with all manner of PU and epoxy technologies including those from Firewire, Thunderbolt, Tuflite (Surftech) and Futureflex.

Please be aware that have implemented a $30 surcharge on all epoxy surfcraft owing to the cost of epoxy resin and the and the extra time required when working with epoxy.

Repairing the rail of a PU Polyurethane surfboard at Melbourne Surfboard Repairs.

Fin Box Repairs

We repair all fin systems – FCS and FCS II, Futures, single fin boxes, glass-ins and more. We can also replace your old plugs if you can no longer find fins for them!

Full repair of the Futures fin box on a surfboard at Melbourne Surfboard Repairs.

Gloss/Polish Finishes

We offer gloss and polish finishes when requested to have that board looking great. Final finish depends on the surface of your board.

Gloss polish being applied and buffed on the bottom deck of a surfboard at Melbourne Surfboard Repairs.


If you have a board with pin lines, we have you covered. Often rail dings will destroy those beautiful pin lines and they can definitely reduce the value of your board, or might just get annoyed every time you see that ding. We have been doing pinlines for as long as we have been in business and we can have your board looking like itself.

Pin line design repair of the surfboard nose area at Melbourne Surfboard Repairs.


Got an old board that has sentimental value or just can’t part with an old gem? We offer restorations to get that classic sled back to its former glory.

Restoration and repair of a vintage surfboard at Melbourne Surfboard Repairs.