We set up a quick guide to prepare your surfboard before you drop it off at one of our stores. We can’t do quotes over the phone due to the subjective nature of describing repairs – simply bring your damaged surfboard to one of our locations and we can do one for you on the spot

How Do I Prepare My Board For Repair?

Clean all of the areas of your board.

Scrub off sand and dirt.

Remove tape, wax & any other sticky substances you have on the board.

Remove your leash & take off your fins.

If boards are surfed with cracks in them, or open dings/holes, they will get water-logged – increasing the boards weight, reducing flotation and eventually leading to de-lamination (separation of the fibreglass from the foam core).

Please do NOT use wax for a temporary fix on your cracks & dings. Wax “gums up” the ding and creates excess mess for the repair. Duct tape is a temporary “fix” on small dings and is far from 100% watertight. Solarez and Quick Fix products, essentially are only a quick fix and will eventually deteriorate, flake and crack. It is best to get your board professionally repaired with professional repair techniques.

We can very closely match most colors of your board. Due to variances in paint techniques, we cannot guarantee a perfect match every time – but 9/10 times we come very close. Color matching starts at $20.

We are specialist in polyester (older style), Epoxy/EPS constructions (like Firewire, Slater Designs & Hayden shapes), soft fabrics and plastics. Quotes are only firm after the ding has been inspected by either our staff or one of our repairers.

The repair agreement number on waiver you receive from staff upon handing in your board must be quoted if enquiring about a repair job or picking up a completed repair.

Only repair work marked on the repair agreement will be done. If the repair is under quoted, you will be contacted by management prior to any additional expenses being accrued.

What Warranties Do You Offer?

30 day warranty on all repairs. If you are not happy, please speak to us as soon as possible. All repairs are to be paid for on pickup, strictly no pre-payment. Please note that repairs are undertaken on a contractual basis by contracted professional repairers representing Melbourne Surfboard Repairs. Repairs are not done by Melbourne Surf Board Shop or any of its retail staff.


Repair and fibreglassing of thruster fin set at Melbourne Surfboard Repairs.